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How I got to be the proud owner of an Italian classic (Part 3)

First things first: Did you read my last post? If not, head over here. This story will make much more sense, I promise.

Wake up, wake up! We have some Gs to push.

So I last explained the experience of the McLaren 650S and how I felt that nothing could ever top that if it isn’t a million bucks or more. I was wrong. The car that taught me horsepower isn’t everything and price doesn’t equal fun? The sexy engine note you heard at the end of the last post? The Porsche Cayman GTS.  Continue reading

New Video! We built the Lego Porsche GT3 RS!

The absolute pinnacle of Lego technic is the 2016 Lego Porsche GT3 RS. So what did we do? We got it and built it, of course! It features impressive details like a working “double clutch” transmission, moving engine, adjustable wing and even fitting luggage made. The whole thing is also huge! More than 50cm long and 4,5kg heavy. We came away impressed by all the licensed Porsche touches like the specially made rims and the badges. 

Check out a time lapse of the build above and let us know what you think about Lego trying more and more realistic models. Maybe we’ll do more 🙂

How I got to be the proud owner of an Italian classic (Part 2)

Friends, last time we talked about how we all used to be the kid in the candy shop that wasn’t allowed to touch anything at auto shows. I experienced that myself but once got lucky to finally get close to and actually sit in my dream car at the time – the Aston Martin DB9.  If you haven’t read that, make sure to head over to How I got to be the proud owner of an Italian classic (Part 1). Otherwise, this is how the story continues: Continue reading

How I got to be the proud owner of an Italian classic (Part 1)

Friends, let’s go for a drive. Destination: Being the proud owner of  a 50 year old Italian classic. Origin: Broke petrolhead student. I want to take you on this journey as it includes all the elements of an automotive fantasy: speed, curves, adrenaline and…. a big crash and many broken bones? You’ll see. This is a story of me first getting my feed wet with some actual horsepower, the addiction leading me to more and more……..

Where all petrolhead dreams begin

Let’s start off in the beginning. We’ve all been there. You go see one of the great auto shows, say Geneva, and find yourself waiting in line for ten minutes just to be able to stand behind a glass fence staring at all the new hot metal you’re not allowed to touch anyway. Especially when looking at new Italian horses you find yourself without a chance of actually getting inside the booth and having a peak inside those new poster cars. That sucks!  

So once I got lucky. Continue reading

Welcome to Only Unleaded!

Welcome, welcome, fellow petrolheads,

do not be afraid, step into the light – this is a place for us. Only Unleaded was born just because we love cars every bit as much as you and were hoping that we were starting a blog, we’d have an excuse towards our girlfriends that we’d be spending even more time with things that explode, smoke and make noise (thanks Jay Leno!).  

There’s no publisher, no company and no business interests behind this. So let’s go for some drives and write about them!


Audi R8 in Spa

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